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We’re back with a new giveaway for our wonderful LJOEDAILY supporters. We’ll be giving away a signed EXITO album to one lucky follower (courtesy of our generous donator testaecles and a Teen Top button set to our second place winner. The contest begins on September 29th 10 AM KST and ends on October 6th 12 AM KST. Unlike our last giveaway where we used the recent activity tab on tumblr to choose our winner, we’re going to be choosing winners through the 7 day Teen Top support challenge!

Each day, there’s a challenge you must complete in order to be put into the lottery. After completing the challenge for that day, you’ll need to email us a proof shot so we know that you actually did it.
Day 1 - Reblog and like this post (this doesn’t require a proof shot)
Day 2Watch the Missing MV and make a comment on it (make sure to watch the whole thing with the volume up so it counts)
Day 3 Tweet at least 5 times with the hashtags #틴탑 #쉽지않아 and remember to use the hashtags in the middle of your tweets (ex: Wow #틴탑 L.Joe’s eyesmile is #쉽지않아 so beautiful)
Day 4 - Vote for Teen Top on Show Champion (tutorial can be found here)
Day 5 - Vote for Teen Top on M!Countdown here
Day 6Vote for Teen Top on clickwars (scroll down to Teen Top’s name and click on the thumbs up button as well as the SNS vote button) 
Day 7support Teen Top by clicking on the pink ‘cheer’ button on their fancafe (it looks like this)

It doesn’t matter when you send us your proof shots just as long as it’s before the deadline. However, be aware that programs like M!Countdown only allow you to vote during a certain time period. You will be entered into the lottery if you successfully complete at least 4 of the 7 challenges but Day 1’s challenge must be completed. We’ll be choosing our winners through lottery but the more challenges you complete, the better your chances are.

Email your proof shots to contact@ljoedaily.net and under subject include ‘LJD Challenge Day #’. In the body, include your proof shot, your name, tumblr username and state/country. 

Subject: LJD Challenge Day 2
Here's my proof shot for Day 2! 
Mimi Lee, ljoeljoe@tumblr.com, NY/USA

This giveaway is open to everyone. If you have any questions, please send us a message. Good luck!



X = 10
XIV = 14
XXIV = 2014

Start Now! Oursupaluv's #쉽지않아 Youtube Fan Project



Angels, we need to keep working hard to boost Teen Top’s views on the official video for “Missing.” This will benefit their scores for Mnet M Countdown, MBC Music Core and SBS Inkigayo! Please join us in this week-long campaign to raise views and promote Teen Top’s video everywhere we can!…

[Trans] Jonghyun twitter update - supporting Taemin #2 140816



TAEMIN 태민_괴도 (Danger)_Music Video: http://youtu.be/UF8m2JIDjKU
No matter how drunk I am, I have to promote Taeminie.
Taeminah you’re the best.You worked the hardest. Don’t sway at whatever people say. We have our own path to go.


I’m not being like this because I’m really drunk
Taeminie worked really hard. There isn’t anyone who gets by without going through hardships but whatever he set his goal as, Taeminie deserves more than enough to be loved. The talks I had with you for this album, I felt your sincerity. Please love Taeminie

Credit: realjonghyun90

Translation Credit: Shiningtweets


I hate being told to do something I was already planning on doing

like I was all about doing this task, and then you told me to do it and now i am annoyed and this task is now 300x less likely to be completed